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Shackles used for mooring or anchoring must be durable, strong and capable of being sold with a test certificate, in other words ‘fit for purpose’.

EYE Marine stock 17 types of shackle ONLY 9 of these are suitable for mooring, those that are unsuitable include Stainless and Commercial Shackles.

Generally, chandlers do not supply shackles suitable for mooring, you will no doubt be offered a bright zinc plated Commercial Shackle, the ill fitting pin will be the same size as the body, you will not be offered a ‘Test Certificate’.

Question – How do I tell if a shackle is suitable for mooring or anchoring?

Answer – If the pin has larger diameter than the body and a Test Certificate is available. These shackles are usually described as either to BS3032 (British Standard) or US Federal Specification. They are not expensive.

Additional information


Buyer Beware – Commercial Shackles

  • These shackles are unsuitable for submersion in salt water, lifting or overhead suspension.
  • Shackles are Zinc Plated.

The above information is offered by EYE to advise of the shortcomings of the product.

Claims are made that there are some high quality Commercial Shackles - we have yet to see one


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